Tuition fee.




  • Tuition fee can be changed depending on wage costs, the amount of inflation or devaluation at the state level.
  • New tuition fee will be published on the website of the university before starting a new academic year.
  • In non-emergency conditions tuition fee does not change during the year.
  • Taking the differences in curriculum can be realized free of charge.
  • To do a retake course a student has to pay 100% of loan cost (credit) before the enrollment.
  • When a student is doing re-retake or upgrade courses the learner can get 50% of discount.
  • When planned courses have been opened in semester or during the summer semester the discount above will not be given.
  • You can make a payment in bank cash desks, bank transfers or internet banking.
  • All payments are calculated from the day when you paid with the requisite of the university.
  • When you make a payment, you need to write your name (parents, relatives, company) and URN according to your identity card.
  • In the case of making late payment fee (even if permitted) will be taken 0.1% interest rate for each day.
  • If you do not have any opportunities to make a payment during the academic calendar period, you can write a letter of request and require a new payment schedule, if you have paid interest rate of late days.
  • If you have not paid the tuition fee or have not registered the courses, you will owe 10% of semester tuition fee. The interest rate will be continued till your full payment.
  • If you have not registered the courses of two semesters, you will be expelled and you have to pay 10% of semester tuitions with interest rates to them.
  • After the payment tuition fee and enrollment, if a student wants to take an academic leave or leave the university only previous payment will be taken and the rest returns. After the first midterm the payment will not be returned.
  • Full information about the payment rules, you can see in Rules and Regulations part on