Some explanations about credit technology of education

Academic Calendar - a calendar which includes academic dates and weekends (public holidays), educational activities and professional internship.

Academic Term - a period of time which an educational institution holds classes: a semester of 15 weeks.

Elective Courses - the subjects which students can choose in each academic term.

Credit Hour- is the unit of measuring educational credit, usually based on the number of classroom hours per week throughout a term.

Core Subjects- compulsory subjects which have to be taken by all students.

Add/DropPeriod - a period of time during which students are allowed to register new courses, de-register courses or change the contact time of their registered subjects.

Retake - to study a subject again when you failed («F» grade) the exam the first time.

Re-retake - to study a subject more than two times when you got an «F» grade.

Upgrade - to take a course again with the purpose of getting a higher grade. Notice: when you upgrade a course, the last upgrade mark will be written.

Prerequisites - the subjects which must be completed in order to enter a program of study.

Syllabus- it is a guide to a course which includes course policies, rules and regulations, required texts and a schedule of assignments with references of given literature.

Curriculum- the list of the courses offered by an education institution and the credits which learners need to take. It is an academic document which is attached as a basic guide by SDU.

Midterm - an exam given by teachers near the middle of a semester to evaluate students’ progress.

Advisor - a type of counselor who helps students to set and plan to achieve their goals, track their progress and adjust their plan when things change.

GPA (Grade Point Average) - average of all final grades. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted. Student’s grade point average (GPA) may range from 0.0 to a 4.0.

Summer semester - 6 week of studying with the aim of completing assignments, eliminating differences in the academic curriculum and taking retake or upgrade courses (without graduate courses). In the case of gathering enough amount of students (5 students) the course can be opened.

Student Service Center -accepts different types of student’s requests, prints different types of certificates (banks, pension, military enlistment office ), academic transcript , diploma and etc.