Master Program

Specialty:  6M070400 – Computing Systems and Software

Academic degree:Masters

Mode: full-time / blended

Duration of study: applied - 1 year (3 semesters) / scientific and pedagogical - 2 years (4 semesters)


Location: Almaty, Mynbaev 46 


In our university we provide two versions of the CSS program:

  • 1 year applied masters (3 semesters)
  • 2 year research masters (4 semesters)

The applied masters program proposes concentration in learning Data Science courses and becoming Data Scientist. It contain various courses on mathematical aspects of data science, wrangling and collecting data, storage and manipulation of data, data analysis, and various specialized courses like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, etc. This program is oriented for person who wants to acquire masters degree and broaden his knowledge in Data Science.

The research masters program consist of three different Tracks:

  • Cyber Security and DevOps
  • Data Scientist
  • IoT Specialist

All tracks share huge set of courses, but specialized in 7 elective courses. Research masters is focused on preparing researchers who will focus on new trends and have analytical skills to read and apply papers from international scientists. To apply for this program bachelor must have strong programming background because most of the courses are focused on using programming languages to implement various algorithms instead of learning programming language itself. Knowledge of Python, Java, C/C++ programming languages is preferred. This program is suitable for Computer Science bachelor degree owners who would like to get deeper understanding of new trends of computer science and probably continue education in PhD. For this program, there is an opportunity to get State Grant from Ministry of Education.


Degrees advantages:

Some courses are given online from professionals around the globe.

Various certification opportunities like: RedHat certification, SAS certification, etc.

Opportunity to participate to MIT organized Machine Learning trainings.

Graduation thesis will be reviewed by abroad professors.

On-site courses are conducted on the Almaty city premises.

Opportunity to request for online (blended) education, suitable only for paid students and if there is great demand. Student will come only for session period to submit final exams.

Education language is English.


Condition of admission:

Bachelor degree in technical specialty

Sufficient level of English language

Will to study hard to achieve goals

Program for:

IT specialists who wants to deepen their knowledge

Scientists who wants to get skills in data analysis



Within the first semester students study fundamental courses mandatory by specialty. Starting from the 2nd semester these elective courses are available:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Data collection, wrangling, analysis and visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • BigData Analytics
  • RedHat - System Administration (III + OpenStack)
  • Advanced Application and Network Security
  • Math for Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Advanced Digital Design with FPGA
  • Networking in IoT
  • IoT in industry
  • RedHat - System Administration (I + II)


Coordinator: Andrey Bogdanchikov

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Admission office:

Tel.: +7 702 000 11 33                                     Local tel.:                             Email:


For foreign citizens:

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