First Köfte in SDU.

On the teacher’s day eve we have gathered students to make “kofte”. It was their first “kofte” after which we played interesting games in order to get to know each other better. On the backyard of the university we really had spent a great time together. Students liked such kind of lively atmosphere very much.

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1 course CSS students.

Advisor: Nazipa Aitu


 "Welcome" picnic for CSS "Freshmens" 

On 15th of September 2nd course students of Computer Systems and Software specialty organized "welcome" picnic for "Freshmen" of this specialty. About 70 of 1st year students and their advisers enjoyed that day eating delicious "Uzbek Plov" for their dinner, burgers for breakfast and tasty ripe watermelons for afternoon snack. Students also had chance to climb to mountains of Kaskelen and watch beautiful natures of homeland. During full day participants took pleasure in activities, took photos, played sport games, sang and got know each others.

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2nd year CSS students

Zhumaniyaz Mamatnabiyev


Picnic with all CSS groups in Electron

In 15.09.18 We went to the picnic with CSS 1 course students. And we reached peak. It was a first experience of the most of students. Students had a full whale of time. Played different games and sang a song playing on a guitar. Students get to know each other well.

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Nazipa Aitu

CSS 1 course students


Picnic in the mountains (Almaarasan)

Departure with all IS group to Almaarasan, climb the mountain, food in nature, games, dean`s speech.



1 course IS students

Advisor: Azamat Serek


Tobacco harm lecture

Special guests from RedCrescents explain about harm of cigarettes and hookah



1 Course IS Students

Advisor: Azamat Serek


Kofte with 1 course students by speciality IS

Briefly explanation: We had Kofte Party with first course students in SDU. As an advisor I talked with students, explained them about University life and also how to be good person and good student. We alked about their hobby, their study and about their future plans. It was good for having better acquaintance.
We did all work together, and students helped each other and had a friendly atmosphere. It was first Teamwork for students.
And we planned how to do our next Activity. We decided to do this week to meet each other well and help on study.
Everything was interesting.

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1 Course IS Students

Advisor: Burissova Diana


Welcome Köfte

A “Welcome Köfte” was held for the purpose of welcoming all student for their new academic year, and also to introduce students to each other. For me it was also first time to meet them, and I had a great chance to have a conversation with each of them.
During our conversation I understood that many of them already looking jobs, and they are ready to share their knowledge. The event was success. We made a lot of delicious koftes and played some outdoor activities. During this meeting we realized that this kind of meetings will make our group more closely connected.

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3 Course CSS Students

Kamshat Samat


Meeting (3 rd floor Cantine, Dodo pizza)

Conducted a meeting. Each of person get acquainted with each other. A lot of people got to know themselves better. Discussed the importance of combining study and good social activities. Came to conclusion that the group will never ever cheat in the exams due to explained consequences and importance of being honest .



1 Course IS Students

Advisor: Azamat Serek


Meeting (f105, SDU)

Today we had discussion with the 1st year students. We talked a little bit about social life, have discussed how their lessons are going, how to improve their performance in subjects.



1 Course IS Students

Advisor: Azamat Serek


Kofte with students by speciality IS-Information systems

Briefly explanation: We had Kofte Party with third course students in SDU. We have reviewed Computer Network course and students explained each other topics they have understood better. It was good for having better acquaintance and better understanding and preparation for final exam. We did all work together, and students helped each other and had a friendly atmosphere.

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3 Course IS Students

Teacher of Computer Network: Burissova Diana


Preparing to the first Exam of 1 course students by speciality IS

Briefly explanation: With students we prepared to the Exam, all student worked hard, studied hard and also helped each other. During preparing they
also talked each other, gave some advices to get high score, helped to decide the tasks and also had a fun.
And we planned how to do our next Activity. We decided to do this week to meet each other well and help on study and exam.



1 Course IS Students

Advisor: Burissova Diana


Maqluba (2 nd floor, SDU)

There was a discussion with maklyube about studies, social life, importance of being active from different
perspectives, not only in terms of GPA. Everyone got to know each other better.



1 Course IS Students

Azamat Serek


Meeting (3 rd floor Cantine, SDU)

There was a warm discussion with 1 st course students about various topics as soft skills, performance boosting, study techniques, social life, importance of being active, etc. We came to conclusion that developing soft skills is very important in no matter what activity you are involved whether It is business, industry, or science.



Meeting with First Year Students

Greetings to all students, yes, it's winter in the yard now, but first-year students of the IS department share with their fond memories that stayed from the fall semester, all warmth and love.



1 Course Students

Advisor: Berlikozha Bauyrzhan