We invite all university students to take part in the celebration of International Pi
Day (03.14.2019)!

Program of the Event

9:50 – 10:00 Who knows more decimal places in pi?
Competitors are given a limit of 3 minutes. Winners will receive prizes and bonus
10:50 – 11:00 Speedcubbing.
We invite you to take part in the competition for the speedy assembly of the
Rubiks Cube 3x3. Absolutely everyone can enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday,
try their hand and set new records! To participate you must register:
11:50 – 12:00 Quiz (Brain Ring style)
You will find an exciting intellectual competition. Winners will receive prizes.
12:50 – 13:00 Announcement of the results of the Art Competition and the results
of the Olympiad.

Become the author of the emblem of mathematicians in the CDS! You must submit
original works before 11.03.2019 on paper / canvas, not exceeding the A3 format
in E 108 Zhangir Rayev The winner will be selected by
student vote!
13:50 – 14:00
14:50 – 15:00
15:50 – 16:00
17:00 Film screening in Red Hall.