Dear 3rd and 4th year students of Faculty Engineering and Natural Science,

Last summer, you should have taken an industrial internship at IT industry. Now it is time to submit all required papers and your presentation. In order to make your life easier we suggest you to prepare your presentation in a form of short 2-minute video and upload/share via the google form.

Following papers should be submitted:

1.Contract ()

2.Reference ()

3.Internship plan 

4.Internship report 

You may submit your internship paper every week day from 16:00 to 18:00, for 3rd year students from 19th of November to 23rd of November, and 4th year students from 26th of November to 30th of November at office F213/1.

1.Information Systems – Balausa Myrzabayqyzy

2.Computer Systems and Software – Tolqyn Zhaqypqyzy

3.Mathematics – Aliya Meiramkhanovna

Note: At the case of any mistake and not proper submitted papers there will be points deduction. Presentations that are uploaded/shared without papers submission are not evaluated. 

Summer 2018 Internship presentation form