Freshmen engineering! Have you already learned not to sleep because of the lessons and have passed the first boundary control?
 Are you ready for the new challenges of student life?
Learn something new, plunge into your profession and develop in your field!
Do you know what HAKATON is, why is it needed and you want to understand what kind of code it is for almost 12 hours?
Then, firstly, Hackathon is a competition where you learn how to solve problems in real life through programming. And these competitions will be held especially for you!
Secondly, Hackathon helps you to be realized as a specialist. Listen to master classes from real professionals in their field (they may notice you), pump their brains, get a boost of energy for future achievements. You will learn how to work in a team and get tips from the best mentors.
And if you want to participate in this, then on October 27th @sdu_technopark gives you that opportunity.
Location: CDU
Time: 8: 00-20: 00
1. Web programming
2. Desktop development (JavaFX, etc.)
3. Mathematical problems
Form for registration of teams (maximum 4 people per team):