Dear colleagues, we bring to your attention the rules for placing any information on the site and in the social networks of the Faculty of Engineering.

1. Information is posted within 3 working days after you receive a positive
2. The text is accepted in English only.
3. It is necessary to indicate in the subject line of the letter "Site" (if it is necessary
to publish on the site) or / and "Social networks" (if it is necessary to publish on
social networks)
4. It is necessary to indicate in the mailing of the Dean of the faculty, Head of the
department, Askhat Aitimov (if this is related to the advisory work), Shoyinbek
Aisultan (responsible for the media), Jakupova Nazerka.
5. Send 1 photo in good quality, reflecting the information.
6. The response to your application or refusal is sent within 2 working days
7. All applications are accepted for special mail
8. The application will be rejected if one of the above requirements is ignored.
9. In case of approaching the event, it is necessary to send the information no
later than 3 working days before the event, otherwise there is a high probability
that your application will be rejected

The format of the information provided:
1) Title (no more than 6 words).
2) Informative text
(For a site without restrictions, for social networks no more than 150-180 words)
3) Time / Date
4) Location
5) Contacts of the responsible person.

Please read this document in detail (available in 3 languages).

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