Computing systems and software


Computing systems and software at SDU is one of the best specialities in Kazakhstan providing quality education. Courses are taught by experienced lecturers graduated from top-level universities of USA, Turkey, Kazakhstan and many other.

Also course curriculum was evaluated by Industry experts from top IT companies.

What will learn?

First course: General education subjects like (Kazakhstan History, English language, Turkish language), Math courses (Linear algebra, Calculus, and etc).

Different programming courses let students to learn programming from basics of programming to advanced level (covering algorithms, data structures, design patterns and etc. )

Computing systems and software have three tracks, which are: Software developer track, Systems and Hardware track, and Artificial Intelligence track.

Software developer track

This track gives understanding of how software is developed, what techniques and technologies are used. This track contains courses about (databases, software project management, test-driven development, and many other important topics).

Systems and Hardware track

Systems and Hardware track gives understanding of how computers work, and how they are created, and what are principles of operating systems and other topics that give understanding how computers work and how to create embedded systems, and how to create programs with low-level programming languages.

Artificial Intelligence track

Artificial Intelligence track contains next lessons: (Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data wrangling and visualization and many other courses ). Students finishing courses from this track, can work as a Data analytics, data engineers, and machine learning specialists.