Computer Science Department


The department "Computer Science" began its work from June 15, 2016, after the merger of the departments "Information Systems" and "Computer Engineering".
The head of the department is PhD, assistant professor Alimanova Madina Ungarovna.
The mission of the “Computer Science” department is to integrate the IT industry of Kazakhstan into world leaders, to ensure high quality qualifications and competitiveness, training highly qualified specialists.

The vision of the department: Professional department, which is staffed by highly qualified specialists, graduates who speak four languages ​​and are in high demand, the educational process is created in accordance with modern requirements.

The purpose of the department "Computer Science":
• Ensuring the quality of teachers through their professional development activities;
• High-quality and competitive professionals who are well aware of the IT industry;
• Cooperation with partners in the IT industry, reputable universities, research centers at home and abroad;
• Attracting students, masters and young teachers to research, supporting their participation in international scientific conferences and organizing annual conferences of young scientists;
• Preparation and presentation of research and innovation projects;
• Modernization of the catalog of elective courses taking into account modern achievements and requirements of the employer;
• Development of modular training, introduction of academic mobility programs;
• Organization of scientific competitions and competitions in information technology;
• Assisting the department in the creation and development of relevant research centers and specialized laboratories;
• Contribute to improving the quality of graduation works and ensure their work;
• Opening of new specialties;
• Maintenance of departmental works in the state language in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry and the University;

The department carries out the educational process in the following specialties:
1. 5B070300 - "Information Systems";
2. 5B070400 - “Computer Engineering and Software”;
3. 6М070400 - “Computer Engineering and Software”;
4. 6D070400 - “Computer Engineering and Software”.
Educational laboratories and special audiences: There are 8 specialized laboratories in the department of computer science:
1. F 108 | Laboratory of 3D Modeling and Visual Technologies
2. F 107 | Cisco Networking Academy Laboratory
3. D 108 | Parallel Computing Laboratory
4. G 108 | Internet of Everything / Red Hat Academy
5. F 205 | Microelectronics
6. F 305 | Physics Laboratory
7. F 202 | Data science
8. F 203 | ACM

Branches of the Department:
1. GreetGo
2. Automato