All of our graduates have found themselves at various positions all around the world.
Here are just some of them:


Aituar Atabek (2017)

Aituar is a Junior Technical Director at international startup Nommi, an LTE hotspot with virtual SIM technology and dual Wi-Fi for seamless global internet access. Nommi has launched on USA crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and earned $100k in a 1 month period.


Kanat Kaiyp (2017)

Kanat is the owner of “On the Top”, the company that specializes in the creation of websites and mobile applications of any complexity, and their promotion as well. It is worth noting that Kanat passed a complete course of Internet marketing and became a graduate of Google with an excellent mark. He has also graduated from Ablai Yusupov’s “Upgrade” business school, and the well-known “nFactorial Incubator”, led by Arman Suleimenov, in the field of mobile development. His first prototype product was promoted to a dental clinic, got an investment of just 40,000 KZT, but earned more than 2 Million KZT within one month only.


Nazym Skakova (2017)

Nazym now works at a successful international startup Nommi. Nommi stands for Nomadic mi-fi and is the world's first intelligent personal router and a must-have gadget for international travelers. Nommi launched on USA crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and earned $100k in only one month period.


Aibek Almukhametov (2016)

As a student, Aibek was the President of the SDU. He is the founder of “AV Software”. The company has successfully developed a number of websites and mobile applications based on iOS and Android platforms.


Yerkebulan Abildin (2016)

Yerkebulan has worked in many different countries of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia as a programmer. Nowadays, he works at “GoRide”, a startup company in Malaysia.


Aiym Apaeva (2015)

Aiym graduated from Nazarbayev University Master's program in Computer Science in 2017.
She now works as a project manager at “TOO Dalaman Group”.


Daniyar Mukhanov (2015)

Daniyar received the "Bolashak" international scholarship, and graduated Cardiff University in Software Engineering in 2016.
Now he works with Arman Suleimenov at ZeroToOne Labs.


Yuriy Spiridonov (2015)

Yuriy was the head of “Shapagat” club as a student.
Now he is working at Unilever.